About The Forest by Nathan Yarborough

About The Forest

Tourism Information

Explore a wealth of info, resources, and tips to plan your perfect adventure. Use the links provided to tailor your experience to your preferred activity or if you prefer, delve into the unique opportunities and discover the hidden gems at specific locations across the forest.

Cherokee National Forest

The Cherokee National Forest is an awe-inspiring natural wonder, spanning over 650,000 acres in the heart of Appalachian Mountain range. It proudly holds the title of Tennessee’s largest tract of public land.. stretching from Chattanooga to Bristol….

National Background

The Forest Reserve Act of 1891 authorized the President to set aside and designate forest reserve from the public domain lands. The Forest Reserves Act holds historical significance in the early conservation…

Parks vs Forests. What Is The Difference?

National Forests and parks share similarities as public lands, but they have distinct characteristics regarding management, purpose, and usage. Parks primarily focus on providing recreational opportunities and visitor experiences….

Fun  Facts

The Cherokee National Forest…
• Stretches across the most eastern part of Tennessee, covering portions of 10 counties.
• Holds significant historical and cultural value and was once home to the Cherokee Nation…. 

Wild Sensations: A Symphony of Nature in the Cheroke National Forest

Amidst the veil of blue mountains so grand, Where heaven meets earth, a majestic land, Roars the cascades, with waters untamed, Over ancient boulders, their power proclaimed.