Bolder Forest by Mark Healey

Learn About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve, protect and promote the outstanding natural beauty and ecological vitality of the Cherokee National Forest for current and future generations through strong partnerships with the Cherokee National Forest, volunteers, donors, board members, community members and partners.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an active stakeholder, to partner on projects and initiatives, foster public engagement and develop resources to support a range of Cherokee National Forest stewardship objectives.

Our Guiding Principals

  • Stewardship – We wholeheartedly embrace the National Forest mission which is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation’s national forests. Collaborating closely with the Cherokee National Forest, our organization strives to provide vital support that enhances the forest’s ability to achieve extraordinary outcomes beyond its own capability. Our primary aim is to supplement federal funds and programs, rather than replace them, ensuring that a greater array of benefits can be delivered to the American people.
  • Collaboration – At our core, we are advocates of partnership and firm believers in the transformative power of collaboration and the multitude of benefits it brings. While our primary partnership lies with the Cherokee National Forest, we deeply value the importance of collaborating with the surrounding communities, other partners, volunteers, and engaged citizens. We want to be known as an inclusive and valued organization that actively listens to diverse perspectives, fostering an atmosphere of respect for all.
  • Inclusiveness – We will actively foster meaningful engagement and inclusion of all individuals and groups within our organization. By embracing a comprehensive range of perspectives, we aim to enhance our understanding of the many perspectives that exist around the Cherokee National Forest. This commitment extends to embracing and amplifying the voices of traditionally underrepresented populations, recognizing their unique experiences and contributions as vital parts of our collective understanding.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – We diligently manage our organization and financial resources to optimize the impact of the programs offered and the funds expended, aligning them with our core priorities. We engage in projects and programs that we believe will have the greatest positive impact on the key issues affecting the Cherokee National Forest. As an organization, our members adhere to the highest ethical standards and operate with transparency, ensuring that conflicts of interest are absent. Our unwavering commitment to excellence propels us to be a leader in nonprofit management.

Why You Should Support the Friends of the Cherokee National Forest

The Friends of the Cherokee National Forest offers a unique opportunity to actively participate in the stewardship of this awe-inspiring resource, making a meaningful difference and contributing to its ongoing improvement. Your investment today will establish an enduring legacy for future generations. Through your valuable contribution to the conservation, maintenance, and protection of this extraordinary National Forest, which shines as a true gem of the southern Appalachians, you will not only safeguard this priceless heritage but also forge a legacy of environmental stewardship.