Nathan Yarborough trilium

Wild Sensations

“Wild Sensations: A Symphony of Nature in the Cherokee National Forest”

Amidst the veil of blue mountains so grand,
Where heaven meets earth, a majestic land,
Roars the cascades, with waters untamed,
Over ancient boulders, their power proclaimed. 

In starlit nights, an owl’s hoot resounds,
Echoing through trees, where mystery abounds,
And when winter’s frost adorns the ground,
Each step a crunch, a symphony of sound. 

From lofty treetops, a songbird sweet tune,
A twitter, a melody, under the golden moon,
And when autumn arrives with its vibrant hue,
Mountainsides glisten, adorned with colors anew. 

The heady aroma of evergreens in the breeze,
Natures perfume, drifting through the trees,
Within the Cherokee National Forest, wild sensations thrive,
A tapestry of wonders, where life comes alive. 

From the deepest valleys to the mountain’s crest,
Natures symphony, a harmonious quest,
The Cherokee National Forest, a sanctuary untamed,
Where wild sensations are forever proclaimed. 


Brandon Johnson misty trees